Music for Memories


I take all precautions necessary to make sure everyone is safe during a performance. CLICK FOR INFO

Deena has a heart for sharing music with seniors and those struggling with memory .

She started "Music for Memories" after her Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2014 and started actively  performing for nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the New York area.  

I am so grateful for the universal language of LOVE.


I am privileged to share "Music for Memories" with others and bring them joy.

Thank you Mom.

Enjoy the ALL LIVE VIDEO where I have had the honor of performing for some very special people. 

( Audience members have been gently blurred to protect their privacy - pardon the video quality in these spots, Thank you. ) 


Swing, Jazz, Oldies, Motown, Rock & Roll, Latin, Blues, Disco, Sing-a-long favorites 



Deena's Mother was a professional singer and had several hit records in the 1950's including a #1 hit "Alone". She loved music and singing was her passion up until the day that she passed. Music has been a gift in my life, but never would I have thought that this gift would have had the kind of impact that I discovered after my Mother began to lose her memories. During every visit we always sang together and the other residents would gather around us and begin to sing along. It was such a joy to see what the music would do for so many who were otherwise lost in a far away place. Towards the end of my Mothers Days, she was not aware of who I was, yet when I began to sing " Somewhere over the Rainbow" she would look at me and I knew that I was reaching a beautiful familiar place.