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The Power of ISAGENIX . My Story.

On May 30th 2014, my husband and I embarked on a mission to get healthy. I considered myself a professional dieter all of my life. I was an expert at dropping 10-15 pounds only to gain it back over a course of a few months. I sadly considered myself one of those unfortunate people who loved food, but food didn't love me. I tried every "diet" known to man, trying to find a real lifestyle that I could stick with that didn't include 2 hours at the gym and feeling unsatisfied after every meal. I wanted a program where I wasn't either counting points, calories or eliminating important food groups, until I found Isagenix!

Since the beginning of our journey many people have inquired, wanting to know how Mario and I lost so much weight and more importantly how we kept it off . I am going to share, but it's also important to keep in mind that this transformation wasn't just about weight loss. Most of you are not aware of what else happened to us "INSIDE" our bodies. Improved health so drastic that our own doctor is now on the same nutritional program and she also gives it to her family and patients !

Isagenix is an organic “food system” with a balanced lifestyle approach, supporting the body’s natural cleansing and replenishing needs. All my life I had been depriving my body of calories and nutrients instead of flooding my body with super foods and nutrients. I had it all wrong all this time! 2 years later and I am able to eat delicious food, feel full and satisfied,  I released and kept off  30 pounds, my husband has released and kept off 75 pounds, plus  many of our health issues are now gone because our bodies are working properly. I am so impressed with this program that I decided to share it with others, get them started and coach them through their first month !

  • It is NOT a “diet” BUT a sustainable “lifestyle.”
  • It is NOT a “weight-loss program” BUT a “body composition system” that builds muscle while burning fat.
  • It is NOT a “fast or detox program” BUT a “nutritional cleanse” that supports the body’s natural cleansing/replenishing processes with whole-food nutrition.

As the world’s first & only “total body, deep cellular nutritional cleansing and replenishing system,” it delivers many unique and diverse benefits for EVERY single cell and organ system from athletes to non-athletes…Being such a comprehensive system, adaptable to ALL ages and goals, it is difficult to simplify too much beyond this.

These food are so clean and I’ve never felt or looked better!

To learn more follow the links to info videos and the wonderful systems available. Weather you are looking for lose weight , gain more energy or build lean muscle there is a system just right for you. In addition to these SUPER FOODS we eat only organic ( no hormone injected anything or pesticides)
No "added" sugar . No artificial sweeteners , no sodas, nothing enriched or refined, no white rice.

And don't forget to add this list of ingredients (below) to your diet, because you are not getting them in the food that you eat. Most of you are hungry because you are literally STARVING . These nutrients are the key for releasing toxins, inflammation, boosting immune system and giving you more energy to BURN FAT !!!! You need to eat MORE NOT LESS .


Undentured whey protein from
New Zealand grass fed cows.
60 essential micro nutrients
11 amino acids
2 essential fatty acids
13 vitamins
21 minerals
7 enzymes
6 probiotics
10 serving of deep greens
10 servings of deep red fruits.

Jam packed into 350 calories! All organic, GMO free, no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Gluten free !



Here's to GREAT HEALTH and a happier you!